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Thanks to the internet, casino games traditionally found in land casinos can now be enjoyed on most notebooks, PCs and even various mobile devices from the safety, privacy and convenience of a home, office or any other internet or mobile-friendly environment. And over and above regular casino games, scratch cards have also made the giant leap from high street vendors to the internet.

Online Scratch Card Instant Jackpots

In fact, the interest in online scratch cards has exploded with the introduction of more games and most importantly, big million pound jackpots. Numerous sites offer jackpots that are worth a million Pounds Sterling or more and it is possible to win these jackpots with the purchase of a scratch card for only a couple of Pounds.

Reasons For The Popularity of Online Scratch Cards

This popular form of gambling entertainment made the transition to online casinos just a few years ago, and although perhaps slow to catch on, is now one of the fastest growing forms of online gambling. The reasons for this are many, not least because online scratch cards are so quick and easy to play and because they can yield instant and lucrative prizes. Plus, these days most online casinos offer scratch card bonuses when one plays them for real money, and some even offer free scratch cards. And there are also some no deposit scratch card casinos that give out scratch cards at no cost to you.

We review the premier online scratch card sites in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Featured Scratch Card Casinos

The Kingz regard the following scratch card casinos in very high esteem. Scratch for a taste of quality.

Top Scratch Card Sites by Software

All the popular online casino software providers now have a range of scratch card games. Click through for reviews of scratch card sites from your favourite software provider.

Scratch Card Games

Each online scratch card casino offers a variety of scratch card games.

Bingo Scratch Cards
Bingo Scratch Cards

Bingo scratch card games combine the instant gratification of scratch games with the fun of bingo games, and typically use a 75 number bingo card as background.

Casino Scratch Cards
Casino Scratch Cards

These games combine a scratch card game with a traditional casino game, for example roulette where certain numbers will present a scratch card bonus game.

Jackpot Scratch Cards
Jackpot Scratch Cards

A comparison of Jackpot Scratch Cards. As the name suggest, these games have an added jackpot combination and some of these are huge.

Lottery Scratch Cards
Lottery Scratch Cards

Lottery Scratch Cards combine scratch cards with huge lottery style prizes. The winning numbers could be hidden on your scratch card and you could win a Million.

How to Play Online Scratch Cards

The great thing about online scratch cards is that they are virtually identical to their land counterparts except that instead of having to use a coin or a fingernail to 'scratch off' and uncover three potentially matching - and thus winning - symbols, one can simply use the mouse to do the scratching for them.

And like regular scratch cards, these days there are a multitude of online scratch cards to choose from at most online casinos, each varying in design, value and prizes.

It is now common practice for most online scratch card sites to make their scratch card games available for free play as well as for real money. The reason is that players can try out the games with no financial obligation before they make a decision to play them for real cash.

Some online casinos now offer over 30 online scratch card games, all of which can be played for free or real money. Popular games developed by Microgaming include Beer Fest, Game, Set and Scratch, Cashapillar, Bill and Ted, Bingo Bonanza, Bowled Over, Six Shooter Looter and many more. Playtech powered online casinos have responded with themed scratch card games such as Beetle Bingo and Blackjack Scratchcard. Other providers such as Neo Games specialise in a variety of scratch card games.

One of the best features of scratch card sites is that they allow game developers a free rein when designing scratch card games, which means very often scratch card games boast wild and wacky themes and graphics, as well as highly imaginative bonus games.

In fact, it seems as though scratch card sites are constantly trying to outdo each other when it comes to how outrageous their scratch card games are, and recent additions include Offside and Seek, Hairy Fairies, and Golden Ghouls.

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